MI 18.05 2016  Printnoize Midibergfest

its already the half way point of no return!  and so we celebrate 

in a  spectacular  tri-lateral link up with  Haus Schwarzenberg.

18:00 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg

“Heaven Meets Earth”

Installation & Performance by Gogotrash featuring Lifeloop


19:00 Kino Zentral, Haus Schwarzenberg

Live Soundtrack to the Film “Les Religions Sauvages”

Live! “Pakito Bolino” (Le Derniere Cri/FRA)

Live! "Yann Keller" (Bln)


Excerpts from the new Le Derner Cri

tutorial film presented

by director Vincent Gerard Laty (FRA/ Lamplighter films)


21:00 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg

"World  is on Fire"  limited collective screenprint book and record release


23:00  Eschschloraque Rumpschrumpf, Haus Schwarzenberg  

Miss Vergnuegen presents  live!  Czentrifuga Fallen Stars 

Featuring live video animation with SHOXXX



Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 19:00 to Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 04:00