***07.05.- 28.05 2016: PRINTNOIZE - ROHKULTUR NON STOP***

fotolink to festival : https://czentrifuga.poetaster.de/gallery/czentrifuga/printnoize-go

)United Forces of Czentrifuga fuse together once more with

Berlins mighty Mecca of Graphic Art, the Neurotitan Gallery

07.05 - 28.05 2016

Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg

Mitte, Berlin


Festival for printing, exhibition, installation , live music,

performance , archive, discussion, workshops.

Collective and individual works from 26 Berlin artists supporting the Czentrifuga network


Special Guests: "Le Dernier Cri" (France)

Art Brut print legends


Special Guests from outta space the "Grejpfrut" Collective

(Metelkovo Squat/Ljubljana)





Special Guest: Pakito Bolino (Le Dernier Cri/FRANCE) - print & performance

Beat Gipp – siebdruck kunst, musik, performance

Werner Kernebeck – siebdruck kunst , installation, performance

Olivia Pils – siebdruck kunst, music, installation, performance

SP 38 - malerei, siebdruck kunst, installation, performance

Maki Shimizu – siebdruck kunst, zeichnen

Jovana Komnenic - digital kunst , mixed media kunst

Michael Schmacke - trick film, performance, musik, installation

Tom Singier - siebdruck kunst

Anika Hansen (Miss Vergnuegen/ Senor Depressivo) – live music &  Dj

Stine Brinklov - performance, installation, music

Marko Krojac - siebdruck kunst, foto

Gudrun Donner - siebdruck kunst

Susann Poenisch - siebdruck kunst

Yann Keller - musik installation

Roland Barth - siebdruck, performance

Ignatz Bee - musik, graphic

Gabba Reifenstihl - siebdruck kunst, musik, performance

Brookesia Studio

Gogo Trash - Gogo Trash

10h23 - siebdruck, street art, fashion

Bob Rutman - musician and artist

Unter Druck Theater

David Braithwaite



-[•/•]-   Grejpfrut Kollektiv sent from outer space *
   '  '





Print by Pakio Bolino (Le Dernier Cri)


Workshops/Installation  - lots of stuff to see and do

As well as regular daily  gallery viewings, there will be ongoing “Jekami” (jeder kann mitmachen) activities that are open for public participation as well as fixed workshops. The Neurotitan Gallery will be a melting pot for   transforming  ideas into print, sound graphic oand  3 D objects . Together with guest artist Robin Touchart (Marseille) and  friends, Gogotrash will present and perform - "Heaven meets Earth" an installation that will  be in a state of ongoing transformation throughout the festival with performances every Wednesday at 18:00 .

Tuesday 10 May 14uhr - Workshop: World is on Fire Book Completion

External artists as well as those with ideas but no graphic or printing experience are also invited to create / co-create  book pages.

Final pages for this  book will be printed, binded and presented at the gallery in time for  18th May  book/ record presentation at Neurotitan.


18:00 Gogotrash -  Recycle Circus



Tuesday 17 May

18:00 Gogotrash -  Recycle Circus



Tuesday 24 May - Workshop: Czentrifuga collective - Sticker Print

sticker print -  transform your ideas, designs and sketches into personal stickers.


18:00 Gogotrash -  Recycle Circus




Feuer Salamander Print by Gabba Reifenstihl




we are surfing on a wave of disasters, stoic and restless
the fire salamander is at  hand, for only it  cannot burn
who lit the first match?
we don‘t know
maybe on a new years night or at a little fire on the beach
or maybe it was the old butterfly's wing
who cares, im only a drop in the ocean
meanwhile the fire burns and burns.....


Further Suggested Research Material

CRASS- Mother Earth

The Ink Spots - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire





* format  25 x 28 cm  (12” record size)

* 90  screenprinted books will be made in the context of  Printnoise - Rohkultur Non Stop
 The final pages and the book binding process will be completed during  the first week of  Gallery opening times .

* its possible that Czentrifuga can help you with  your page idea but we also
   expect contributions from other printers/print workshops.   

* questions please to  beat@bzzz.net oder olivia.pils@gmx.de



* 12" L.P. circa 40 minute Audio Collage. work in progress featuring Printnoize Festival participants & co.

*recording sessions at Czentrifuga ateliers Fridays at midday until end of March  deadline for audio contributions .

* record will be edited mastered and pressed for 18th  May World is on Fire presentation. 

* Limited Cassette Edition



Completing the presentation set, Gogotrash will produce original  "world is on fire" accessoire


Live Senor Depressivo


Sa 07 Mai 19:00 Neurotitan Galerie: Le Grande Opening

Live "Theater Unter Druck" - "ein reise ist nIcht immer lustig"

Live “Senor Depressivo” (Bln) sad songs from the master of melancholy

Live "Printnoize 666" environmental costume performance and live electro acoustics  
with Gogotrash / Pakito Bonino / Czentrifuga / Bob Rutman / Space Sloncki & Guests

Brookesia Studio toast printing apperitivo!


Mi 11  18:00 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg 

Heaven meets Earth

Installation/ Performance by Gogotrash & Guests


Sa 14 20:00 Neurotitan Galerie:  Lovehate80.it 

italian-punk-hardcore-1980-1989-dvd-release & Discussion



MI 18 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg

Printnoize Midibergfest

its already the half way point of no return!  and so we celebrate in a spectacular

tri lateral link up with Haus Schwarzenberg.


18:00 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg 

Heaven meets Earth -  Installation/ Performance by Gogotrash & Guests


19:00 Kino Zentral, Haus Schwarzenberg

Live Soundtrack to the Film “Les Religions Sauvages”

“Pakito Bolino” (Le Dernier Cri / FRA)

& "Yann Keller" (Bln)

Excerpts from the new Le Derner Cri tutorial film presented by the director

Vincent Gerard Laty (Lamplighter films)

21:00 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg

"World is on Fire" limited collective screenprint book and record box set release.


23:00 Eschschloraque Rumpschrumpf, Haus Schwarzenberg

Miss Vergnuegen presents live! Czentrifuga All Starzzz AV Show


Mi 25  18:00 Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg 

Heaven meets Earth

Installation/ Performance by Gogotrash & Guests


Sa 28  19:00  Neurotitan Galerie, Haus Schwarzenberg

Printnoize – stop.

Informal open discussion about the Festival experience
Dj Miss Vergnuegen & Dark Heart of Mitte

Haus Schwarzenberg foto by Henryk Weiffenbach


Haus Schwarzenberg


Czentrifuga (Berlin)




Le Dernier Cri (Marseilles)





Czentrifuga Event History at Neurotitan / Haus Schwarzenberg


7 Jahre Fleischerei http://www.neurotitan.de/Galerie/Archiv/2008/080726_fleischerei.html

Czentrifuga at Neurotitan http://www.neurotitan.de/Galerie/Archiv/2007/071208_siebdruck.html

Rohkultur Bonbon http://www.neurotitan.de/Galerie/Archiv/2013/130308_rohkultur.html

2016 Printnoize - Rohkultur Non Stop https://czentrifuga.poetaster.de/gallery/czentrifuga/printnoize-go





Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 19:00 to Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 01:00