Fusion 2016

This year  we found ourselves directly in the middle of the maelstrom, sandwiched between two large dance floors.."bring it on!" we screamed..but no!, for the first two days there was a  never ending start-stop soundcheck  to the left and to the right of us playing the same Simply Red song over and over and over again. The soundguy was nothing if  "konsequent" and  threw in short sonic  bursts of  Phil Collins and Dire Straits to escalate the audio horror ...it was true! this guy was playing all the hits from  American Psycho...obviously a dangerous guy and not someone to f*ck with...so we shouldered the load and silently suffered in  200 thousand watts of surroundsound mainstream mukke.

By Friday evening the marathon Mick Hucknell soundcheck was finally over and the inevitable ramps bamps of techno was a welcome relief...yet there was still a surprise to come  as we recognised that, during the night, swarms of ravers favoured our cosy corner as le grand toilet central .....the smell of Fusion in the morning ..it smells like, like....thank the heavens it rained a bit to dilute all those gallons of raver discharge!

Despite these trials and tribulations  the Czentrifuga gang eventually manged to get their freak on and, in actual fact, had a total blast!   thx mucho muchas to all the dedicated Fusionites that made it happen  xxxxx