Solidarity! Basque Support for Refugee Community Kitchen

Muchas Gracias  to the good people  at FENESTRE FEST in the Basque region who raised  €1022.5  in support of Refugee Community Kitchen currently based in Calais "feeding people without judgement".  RCK have dished out over one and a half million meals since they have been there (2,500 hot meals every day).  The refugee camp in Calais has been demolished but this does not stop people arriving everyday.
To add to the horror of being unwillingly forced to leave ones homeland, these people suffer further abuse at the hands of local authorities and racism is propagated by people like  the towns mayor, thus the refugees  are perceived and treated as criminals. Needless to say ,the  situation there is very bad, especially now with the onset of winter and espescially for unprotected women and children. 
Check the link - make a donation, or better still, go there and help out , its a very rewarding expierience and a good opportunity to learn the real facts on the ground.   &
and here a link to the Fenestre D.I.Y. Fest  x



Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 13:45